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    Picture Books

    Quacky Baseball
    The Babe & I
    Picture Books
    Abrahams, Peter. Quacky Baseball. With the game on the line on opening day, nervous rookie Thumby Duckling steps up to the plate.
    Golenbock, Peter. ABCs
    of Baseball
    Casey Back
    Baseball. Presents an alphabet book that highlights the history, players, places, and terms associated with baseball.
    Gutman, Dan. Casey back
    at Bat
    Girl Wonder: A Baseball Story
    Bat. Sequel to the poem Casey at the bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer.
    Hopkinson, Deborah. Girl wonder: a baseball story
    in Nine Innings
    Luke Goes
    nine innings. In the early 1900s, Alta Weiss, a young woman who knows from an early age that she loves baseball, finds a way to Bat
    Just Like
    show that she can play, even though she is a girl.
    Isadora, Rachel. Luke goes to bat. Luke is not very good at baseball, but his grandmother and sports star Jackie Robinson encourage him to keep trying.
    Johnson, Angela. Just like
    Josh Gibson
    Clorinda Plays Baseball!
    Gibson. A young girl's grandmother tells her of her love for baseball and the Sport
    day they let her play in the game even though she was a girl.
    Kinerk, Robert. Clorinda plays baseball! Clorinda the cow is a talented baseball player and coach whose dream of playing in the big leagues comes true in an unexpected way.
    Lies, Brian. Bats
    at the Ballgame
    Froggy Plays T-Ball
    ballgame. Two teams of bats play an exciting nighttime baseball game.
    London, Jonathan. Froggy plays T-ball. Froggy looks forward to playing in his first T-ball game but finds it hard to remember
    the Fireflies Come
    Jackie's Bat
    Rhinos Who Play
    London, Jonathan. When the fireflies come.
    Mouse Practice
    The Baseball Counting Book
    and fireflies are summer.
    Lorbiecki, Marybeth. Jackie's bat. Joey, the batboy for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, learns a hard lesson about respect for people of different races after Jackie Robinson joins the team.
    Mammano, Julie. Rhinos who play baseball. Baseball-playing rhinos crack dingers out of the park, rip grass-cutting grounders across the field, and rally in the bottom of the ninth. Includes a glossary of "catch phrases."
    McCully, Emily Arnold. Mouse practice. Monk the little mouse learns from his parents that practice is the way to succeed--whether it is in playing baseball or in playing music.
    McGrath, Barbara Barbieri, The baseball counting book. Uses the numbers from one to twenty to introduce various aspects of the game of baseball.
    Meshon, Aaron. Take
    me out to the Yakyu
    Baseball Hour
    Mighty Casey
    Curious George Plays
    Yakyu. A little boy's grandfathers, one in America and one in Japan, teach him about baseball and its rich, varying cultural traditions.
    Nevius, Carol.
    hour. Follows a multicultural group of boys and girls through their teams baseball practice.
    Preller, James. Mighty Casey. The Delmar Dogs baseball team is terrible, especially Casey Jenkins, but with a little bit of faith in themselves, they finally manage to win a game.
    Rodriguez, Alex. Out
    of the Ballpark
    Let's Play Baseball!
    ballpark. Although Alex is nervous about his role in the approaching baseball playoffs and championship game, he soon figures out how to fix his mistakes and become a better player.
    Smith, Charles R. Let's play baseball! A baseball tries to talk a young boy into going outside to play by describing the throwing, catching, and hitting they can do together.
    Spradlin, Michael P. Baseball
    from A to Z
    Zachary's Ball
    Z. Learning about baseball has never been so much fun! From a pitching Ace to a strike Zone, this energetic alphabet book covers all the bases of America's favorite pastime. Lively, action-packed illustrations will take readers right into the stands to root, root, root for the home team.
    Tavares, Matt. Zachary's ball. Dad takes Zachary to his first Boston Red Sox game where they catch a ball and something magical happens.
    Uhlberg, Myron. Dad,
    Jackie, and Meme. In Brooklyn, New York, in 1947, a boy learns about discrimination and tolerance as he and his deaf father share their enthusiasm over baseball and the Dodgers' first baseman, Jackie Robinson.
    Van Dusen
    Dusen, Chris. Randy Riley's Really Big Hit
    really big hit. Randy Riley, a science genius who loves baseball but is not very good at it, needs to use both his interests to save his town from a giant fireball that is heading their way.
    Weatherford, Carole Boston. Champions
    on the Bench
    Playing Right Field
    bench : the Cannon Street YMCA All-Stars. Story based on the discrimination faced by the 1955 Cannon Street YMCA Little League All-Stars when the white teams refused to play them in the series tournament.
    Welch, Willy. Playing right field. Although he is always chosen last and sent to play in right field, a young boy discovers the importance of that position.
    Wheeler, Lisa. Dino-baseball. Meat-eating dinosaurs face plant-eating dinosaurs in a baseball game.

    Beginning Readers
    Get A Hit,
    Adler, David A. Get a hit, Mo!
    Mo Jackson is excited for his baseball game, but Coach Marie tells him he is batting last and playing right field, again. Will Mo ever get a hit?
    Adler, David A. Young
    Cam Jansen and the Baseball Mystery
    baseball mystery. When a baseball game is stopped because of a lost ball, Cam uses her photographic memory to find the ball.
    Berenstain, Stan. The
    Berenstain Bears play T-ball. When Brother and Sister Bear help teach some younger cubs how to play T-ball, they learn a lesson in patience.
    Dean, James.
    Play T-Ball
    Play Ball! (Pete
    ball! Pete the Cat)
    Let's Play Ball
    Three Strikes
    Cat has a mitt, a ball, and a bat. He's ready to play baseball! Pete's team, the Rocks, is playing the Rolls. But when things don't go Pete's way, will he get upset? Cheer on Pete as he tries his best and brings his signature groovy attitude to the game of baseball.
    Foster, Kelli C. Let's play ball. Finding a lost baseball is the only thing standing in the way of a perfect ball-playing day.
    Gantos, Jack. Three strikes
    for Rotten Ralph
    Mr. Baseball
    Good Luck,
    Ralph. When Rotten Ralph, the cat, fails to win a spot on a baseball team with his friend Sarah, he becomes the "cat boy" instead, still dreaming of proving himself the superstar he imagines himself to be.
    Hooks, William H. Mr. Baseball. A Little Leaguer suffers the enthusiastic activities of his baseball-loving five-year-old brother.
    Kramer, Jennifer E. Good luck, Charlie.
    Tee Ball
    Baseball Fever
    Game Day
    tries to use lucky charms to win a baseball game, but all he really needs is his lucky pitching arm.
    Mara, Wil. Tee ball. Explains the basic rules of tee ball and includes tips on good sportsmanship and nutrition.
    Hurwitz, Johanna. Baseball fever. Ten-year-old Ezra, who is suffering from an advanced case of baseball fever, must convince his scholarly father that this disorder is not responsible for wasting his mind away.
    Meister, Cari. Game day. Illustrations and simple text describe the events of a baseball game.
    Murphy, Frank. Babe
    Ruth Saves Baseball!
    saves baseball! A lively, interactive narrative tells of Babe Ruth's love of baseball and his desire to restore integrity to the game following the 1919 Black Sox scandal.
    Nelson, Robin. Baseball
    is Fun!
    Play Ball,
    fun! Offers a brief overview of the rules and objectives of baseball, and describes the setup of the baseball field and the equipment required to play.
    Parish, Peggy. Play ball,
    Amelia Bedelia
    The Girl Who Struck Out
    Bedelia. Amelia Bedelia, who knows very little about baseball, stands in for a sick player during a game.
    Patrick, Jean L. S. The girl who struck out Babe Ruth. A retelling of the day Jackie Mitchell, a seventeen-year-old female professional baseball player, struck out the New York Yankees best hitters,
    Babe Ruth
    and Lou Gehrig, in an exhibition game in 1931.
    Rylant, Cynthia. Mr.
    Putter & Tabby Dropdrop the Ball
    ball. Mr. Putter and his cat Tabby take time off from napping to play on the Yankee Doodle Dandies baseball team.
    Sharp, Paul. Paul the Pitcher. Rhymed text describes the different things Paul enjoys when he throws a ball. Includes word list.
    Walker, Sally M. Jackie Robinson. Describes the life and accomplishments of baseball star Jackie Robinson, who became
    the Pitcher
    Jackie Robinson
    first African American in twentieth-century major-league baseball.
    Illustrated Literature
    Abbott, Bud. Who's on First?
    Abbott and Costello's
    each base.

    Borden, Louise. Baseball
    The ultimate celebration
    the park!

    Burleigh, Robert. Stealing
    Home: Jackie
    against the Odds
    Odds. Although in 1947
    the rest.

    Cooper, Flyod. Willie
    and the All-Stars
    In 1934 Chicago,
    come true.

    Crowe, Chris. Just
    as good
    changed America's game
    game. An African American
    Cleveland Indians.

    Fishman, Cathy Goldberg. When
    Jackie and Hank Met
    Met. Examines the similarities
    his religion.

    Frisch, Aaron. Pirates
    at the plate
    plate. Teams of pirates
    of youth.

    Golenbock, Peter. Teammates Describes
    the racial
    Wee Reese.

    Hyman, Zachary. The
    Bambino and Me
    For his birthday,
    the game.

    Mackall, Dandi Daley. A
    Girl Named Dan
    Dan. Dandi enjoys nothing
    Title IX.

    Perdomo, Willie. Clemente! A
    tribute to
    cut short.

    Ripkin, Cal. The
    Longest Season:
    1988 Losing Streak
    Streak. The story of
    in 1988.

    Robinson, Sharon. Testing
    the ice
    about Jackie Robinson
    Robinson. As a testament
    their friends.

    Rosenstock, Barb. The
    streak :
    became America's hero
    hero. Chronicles the story
    War II.

    Tavares, Matt. Becoming
    Babe Ruth
    Ruth. Traces his mischievous
    historic career.

    Waldman, Neil. Say-Hey
    and the
    True Baseball Stories
    Stories. Presents two interrelated
    stickball lore.

    Winter, Jonah. Joltin'
    Joe DiMaggio
    DiMaggio. Chronicles the life
    hitting streak.

    Wise, Bill. Silent
    Star: The
    Leaguer William Hoy
    Hoy. A biography of
    Major Leagues.

    Yolen, Jane. All
    Star! Honus
    Card Ever

    Bauer, Joan. Soar. Moving to Hillcrest, Ohio, when his adoptive father accepts a temporary job, twelve-year-old Jeremiah, a heart transplant recipient, has sixty days to find a baseball team to coach. (296 pages)
    Christopher, Matt. Little League Baseball (series). Eleven-year-old cousins who are closer than most brothers, catcher Liam McCarthy and pitcher Carter Jones grew up playing baseball together. Now, their team is on
    the lifeverge of winning the greatest championship of all: the Little League Baseball World Series.
    Green, Tim. Baseball Great. (series). The series follows Josh, a Little League baseball player with his team, the Titans.
    Gutman, Dan. Baseball Card Adventures. (series) Joe Stoshack can travel through time when he touches old baseball cards. When he holds a baseball card, he is transported to the year that card was made
    and careersomewhere near the ballplayer on the card. He tries to use this power wisely, and he attempts to change history several times, but it is always something different from his original goal.
    Howard, Ryan. Little Rhino (series). When Little Rhino's grandfather signs him up for a baseball league, he must quickly learn to be a good teammate, especially when there is a bully also on his team.
    Jeter, Derek. The Contract. In Kalamazoo, Michigan, eight-year-old Derek Jeter, who dreams
    of playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates legendNew York Yankees, learns what it takes to be a champion on and off the field. (150 pages)
    Kelly, David A. Ballpark Mysteries. (series) Cousins Kate and Mike solve mysteries at different American ballparks.
    Ritter, John H. The boy
    who was onesaved baseball. The fate of a small California town rests on the greatest hittersoutcome of one baseball game, and fieldersTom Gallagher hopes to lead his team to victory with the secrets of the now disgraced player, Dante Del Gato. (216 pages)
    Ritter, John H. The desperado who stole baseball. In 1881, the scrappy, rough-and-tumble baseball team
    in a California mining town enlists the help of a quick-witted twelve-year-old orphan and the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid to win a big game against the National League Champion Chicago White Stockings. Prequel to: The boy who saved baseball. (260 pages)
    Robinson, Sharon. The hero two doors down: based on the true story of friendship between a boy and a
    baseball history.legend. Eight-year-old Steve Satlow is thrilled when Jackie Robinson moves into his Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn in 1948, although many of his neighbors are not, and when Steve actually meets his hero he is even more excited--and worried that a misunderstanding over a Christmas tree could damage his new friendship. (202 pages)
    The J 796.357 section has many children's books about baseball & baseball teams. Our biography section has a large selection of baseball biographies at 796.357. There are other baseball books in the nonfiction section, including:
    741.5 Sch
    Schulz. Sandlot Peanuts
    J 793.735 Ros
    Rosenberg. Baseball Jokes
    J 811.52 Tha
    Thayer. Ernest L. Thayer's
    811.54 Feh
    Fehler. Change-up: Baseball Poems
    811.54 Flo
    Florian. Poem Runs: Baseball
    811.54 Jan
    Janeczko. That Sweet Diamond;
    811.54 Mor
    Morrison. At the Crack
    Baseball Poems
    J 811.54 Ope
    Opening days : sports poems


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    Picture Books
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  1. page Beach Stories for Young Children edited ... Cousins Maisy Goes on Vacation Crimi There might be Lobsters Crum Uh-oh! ... Kono Ca…
    Maisy Goes on Vacation
    There might be Lobsters

    Caterina and the best beach day
    Beach Day!

    The Not-So-Faraway Adventure
    Dolphins on the Sand
    Bubble Homes and Fish Farts

    One Small Place by the Sea
    Ocean Soup: Tide-Pool Poems
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  1. page Alphabet Books edited ... Williams, Laura. ABC Kids. Presents one object, person, or animal for each letter of the alpha…
    Williams, Laura. ABC Kids. Presents one object, person, or animal for each letter of the alphabet, from an apple to a zipper.
    Zuckerman, Andrew. Creature ABC. Alphabet book featuring two wildlife photographic portraits for each creature, offering an up-close view of the animal kingdom.
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  1. page Fantasy for Grades 4-6 edited ... {dragon.gif} Out of This World A Fantasy Booklist: Grade 4th-6th Alexander Alexander, Lloy…
    {dragon.gif} Out of This World
    A Fantasy Booklist: Grade 4th-6th
    AlexanderAlexander, Lloyd
    The Book of Three (Book One of the Chronicles of Prydain)*
    Taran, the Assistant Pig-Keeper in the mythical kingdom of Prydain, sets out with the warrior Gwydion to save his country from evil. (190 pgs.)
    The Gawgon and the Boy
    In Depression-era Philadelphia, when eleven-year-old David is too ill to attend school, he is tutored by the unique and adventurous Aunt Annie, whose teaching combines with his imagination to greatly enrich his life. (199 pgs.)

    The Book Without Words: A Fable of Medieval Magic
    Bright Shadow
    Having used four of the five wishes she is granted to make on behalf of the hapless citizens of her country, Morwenna flees the kingdom to decide what to do with the last wish. (167 pgs.)
    BabbitBabbit, Natalie
    Tuck Everlasting
    The Tuck family is confronted with an agonizing situation when they discover that a ten-year-old girl and a malicious stranger now share their secret about a spring whose water prevents one from ever growing any older. (139 pgs.)
    BaccalarioBaccalario, Pierdomenico
    The Door to Time*
    After moving from London to an old mansion on the English coast, eleven-year-old twins Jason and Julia discover that their new home has twisting tunnels, strange artifacts from around the world, and a mysterious, locked door. (222 pgs.)
    BaggottBaggott, Julianna
    The Ever Breath
    Perplexed by their grandmother's bizarre tales of an amber orb that maintains the balance between the real and imaginary worlds, Truman and his twin sister, Camille, find themselves in a magical land of strange creatures and learn that the orb has been stolen. (229 pgs.)
    BanksBanks, Lynne Reid
    The Fairy Rebel
    A rebellious fairy named Tiki, already in trouble for breaking the rule against wearing jeans, risks the further wrath of the Fairy Queen by trying to fulfill a human's special request for help. (117 pgs.)
    BarrowsBarrows, Annie
    The Magic Half
    Eleven-year-old Miri Gill feels left out in her family, which has two sets of twins and her, until she travels back in time to 1935 and discovers Molly, her own lost twin, and brings her back to the present day. (211 pgs.)
    BauerBauer, Marion Dane
    The Blue Ghost
    At her grandmother's log cabin, nine-year-old Liz is led to make contact with children she believes may be her ancestors. (85 pgs.)
    BeckBeck, Ian
    The Secret History of Tom Trueheart
    When young Tom Trueheart's seven older brothers all go missing during their adventures in the Land of Stories, he embarks on a perilous mission to save them and to capture the rogue story-writer who wants to do away with the heroes. (341 pgs.)
    BenzBenz, Derek
    The Revenge of the Shadow King*
    When Max Sumner and three friends play a magical card game called Round Table, they realize that it is up to them to prevent the wicked creatures of the cards from destroying their town, indeed, their world. (373 pgs.)
    Magic by the Book
    After returning from a trip to the library, eleven-year-old Anne and her younger brother and sister discover a magic book that sends them on adventures in which they meet Robin Hood, giant bugs, and a dark, sinister man with a wolfish face. (227 pgs.)
    The Folk Keeper
    Orphaned Corinna disguises herself as a boy to pose as a Folk Keeper, one who keeps the Evil Folk at bay, and discovers her heritage as a seal maiden when she is taken to live with a wealthy family in their manor by the sea. (162 pgs.)
    Bondoux, Anne-Laure
    Vasco: Leader of the Tribe
    Following his dreams of finding a safe haven in a new place, Vasco leads a motley group of rats out of the city, through a dangerous sea voyage, and finally to a forest where the rats, now a true tribe, can make a fresh start.
    The Name of This Book Is Secret
    Two likeable but socially awkward kids stumble upon a mystery involving smelly vials of colorful ingredients, a dead magician's hidden diaries, and the hunt for the secret of immortality.
    Birdie's Book
    When twelve-year-old Birdie goes to meet her grandmother, who is estranged from Birdie's mother, she learns a secret which leads to fantastic adventures, new understanding, and a renewed closeness among members of her family.
    Breen, M E
    A clever and fearless orphan endures increasing danger while trying to escape from greedy, lawless men and elude the terrifying "kinderstalks"--animals who steal children--before discovering her true destiny.
    Searching for her father, Bird joins three other children, Issie, Dren, and Stoke, on a journey to the Kingdom of Wen to overthrow the evil Lord Rendarren. Bird's saga will thrill readers in this author's debut.
    Buckley, Michael
    The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives*
    Orphans Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are sent to live with an eccentric grandmother whom they have always believed to be dead.
    Buckley-ArcherBuckley-Archer, Linda
    The Gideon Trilogy*
    In 1763, Gideon Seymour, cutpurse and gentleman, hides from the villainous Tar Man. Suddenly, the sky peels away and from the gaping hole spill a strange cube and two curious-looking children, who have fallen straight from the 21st century.
    BurneBurne, Cristy
    Takeshita Demons
    When the demons that have followed Miku Takeshita's family from Japan to England kidnap her little brother Kazu, she and her best friend Cait must confront the demons and save him.
    CadnumCadnum, Michael
    The King's Arrow
    In England after the Norman invasion, Simon, son of a Norman lord and an English lady, straddles the divide, neither fully of the arrogant aristocrats led by the son of William the Conqueror nor of the subjugated people.
    CarmanCarman, Patrick
    The Dark Hills Divide*
    Inquisitive twelve-year-old Alexa Daley is spending another summer in the walled town of Bridewell. This year, she is set on solving the mystery of an unnamed evil that lurks in the forests beyond the walls.
    CarmodyCarmody, Isobelle
    Little Fur*
    When half-elf, half-troll Little Fur learns that servants of the troll king aim to destroy her beloved trees, she embarks on an ambitious and dangerous journey into the human world in hopes of saving the very earth spirit itself.

    Gregor The Overlander*
    A prophecy foretells that Gregor has a role to play in the Underland's uncertain future. Gregor wants no part of it, until he realizes it is the only way to solve the mystery of his father's disappearance.
    CopnikGopnik, Adam
    The Steps across the Water
    Young Rose discovers magical glass steps in New York's Central Park that lead to the fantastic city of U Nork, whose residents have been awaiting the arrival of the only person who can save them.
    CooperCooper, Susan
    King of Shadows
    Nat escapes his miserable life through acting. But when he is chosen to act in the newly restored Globe Theatre, he falls ill and finds himself in the old Globe in 1599.
    CooperCooper, susan
    Over Sea, Under Stone*
    Three children find an ancient manuscript which sends them on a quest for a grail that will reveal the true story of King Arthur and entraps them in the eternal battle between the forces of the Light and the Dark.
    CorderCorder, Zizou
    In the near future, a boy with the ability to speak the language of cats sets out from London to seek his kidnapped parents and finds himself on a Paris-bound circus ship learning to train lions.
    CowellCowell, Cressida
    A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons: The Heroic Misadventures of Hiccup the Viking
    Hiccup must find a way to steal the Vikings' most sacred book from the Meathead Public Library and take on the Hairy Scary Librarian in order to save his friend Toothless the dragon from being banished.
    CovilleCoville, Bruce
    Thor's Wedding Day
    Thialfi, the Norse thunder god's goat boy, tells how he inadvertently helped the giant Thrym to steal Thor's magic hammer, the lengths to which Thor must go to retrieve it, and his own assistance along the way.
    Crossley-HollandCrossley-Holland, Kevin
    The Seeing Stone*
    In late twelfth-century England, a thirteen-year-old boy named Arthur recounts how Merlin gives him a magical seeing stone which shows him images of the legendary King Arthur, the events of whose life seem to have many parallels to his own.
    DakinDakin, Glenn
    The Society of Unrelenting Vigilance (Bk. 1 of Candle Man)*
    Thirteen-year-old Theo, who has lived in seclusion his entire life, discovers he is the descendant of the Candle Man, a Victorian vigilante with the ability to melt criminals with a single touch.
    DelaneyDelaney, Joseph
    The Revenge of the Witch
    Young Tom, the seventh son of a seventh son, starts work as an apprentice for the village spook, whose job is to protect ordinary folk from ghouls, boggarts, and all manner of wicked beasties.
    DaleDale, Anna
    Magical Mischief
    Mr. Hardbattle, aided by his friends Miss Quint and resourceful thirteen-year-old Arthur Goodenough, seeks a new home for all of the magic that has gone out of control and taken over his bookshop and home.
    De MariMari, Silvana
    The Last Dragon
    In a postapocalyptic world, a young elf named Yorsh struggles to survive when his village is destroyed by torrential waters. Soon Yorsh discovers that the rains will end only when he deciphers a prophecy about the last dragon.
    DiterlizziDiterlizzi, Tony
    The Search for WondLa
    Living in isolation with a robot on what appears to be an alien world populated with bizarre life forms, a twelve year-old human girl sets out on a journey to find others like her.
    DivakaruniDivakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
    The Conch Bearer
    In India, a healer invites twelve-year-old Anand to join him on a quest to return a magical conch to its safe and rightful home, high in the Himalayan mountains.
    DivakaruniDivakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
    The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming
    As twelve-year-old Anand continues his studies to become a full-fledged member of The Brotherhood of the Conch, he journeys back to Moghul times, where he encounters powerful sorcerors, spoiled princes, noble warriors, and evil jinns.
    DivakaruniDivakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
    A search to find the magical conch shell and restore it to its proper home deep in the Himalayas sends Anand and Nisha to the bleak futuristic city of Coal, where the air and water are polluted and the upper classes live in luxury under hermetically sealed domes.
    D'LaceyD'Lacey, Chris
    The Fire Eternal
    As the weather grows wilder and the ice caps melt, Arctic bears starve, dragons awake, the earth goddess Gaia becomes restless, and Alexa, the daughter of best-selling author David Rain, uses her special abilities in an attempt to save the world from theforces of evil.
    D'LaceyD'Lacey, Chris
    The Fire Within
    When college student David Rain rents a room in an unusual boardinghouse full of clay dragons, he has no idea that they, along with some lively squirrels, will help jumpstart his writing career.
    Magical Mischief
    Mr. Hardbattle, aided by his friends Miss Quint and resourceful thirteen-year-old Arthur Goodenough, seeks a new home for all of the magic that has gone out of control and taken over his bookshop and home.
    The Spellkey
    During a dangerous journey through the Thirteen Kingdoms, a witch girl and an outcast stableboy find their fortunes intertwined with nefarious agents seeking a powerful Spellkey.
    Drake, Salamana
    Cara, the daughter of the stable manager of Dragonsdale, dreams of training and flying her rare, wild Goldenbrow dragon but her father has strictly forbidden it.
    DueyDuey, Kathleen
    The Faeries' Promise (series)
    Alida is a faerie child. She wants to go home, back to her family. But it isn't that simple. Lord Dunraven's law forbids any kind of contact between humans and magical creatures - and Alida is locked in a stone tower in his castle.
    EastonEaston, Kelly
    The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes
    Ten-year-old Libby Aimes escapes her prison-like home by using a strange concoction of her father's, then tries to make her way to the boarding school of her dreams, aided by various people and animals.
    FisherFisher, Catherine
    The Oracle Betrayed*
    A fusion of ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, steeped in stunning ritual, terrifying intrigue, and unforgettable surprises.
    GaimanGaiman, Neil
    When Coraline steps through the locked door in her family's new flat, she finds a world which caters to her every whim. When she wants to leave, however, things rapidly change, and she must fight a battle of good and evil to save herself.
    GideonGideon, Melanie
    The Map that Breathed
    Billy, a boy who can create windows to other worlds through maps, and his friend Nora Sweetkale find themselves faced with great danger when Nora accidentally falls into the seemingly beautiful realm of Sanasacra, where, despite its happy appearance, a dark evil lives.
    GlioriGliori, Debi
    Pure Dead Magic
    In this irreverent, hilarious, and authentically Scottish debut novel from an acclaimed picture book author, the modern world is blended with the mythical, and the bizarre Strega-Borgia family seems utterly familiar.
    GoldingGolding, Julia
    Secret of the Sirens
    Upon moving to her aunt's seaside home in the British Isles, Connie becomes part of a secret society that shelters mythical creatures, and must use her ability to communicate with these beings to protect them from evil and the incursions of humans.
    GrantGrant, Michael
    The Call*
    A seemingly average twelve-year-old learns that he is destined to gather a team of similarly gifted children to try to save the world from a nameless evil, which is threatening to reappear after having been imprisoned for three thousand years.
    Falcon and the Charles Street Witch
    In this sequel to the highly acclaimed FALCON'S EGG, not only will Falcon see her beloved Egg again--she will also discover her own extraordinarily courageous self.
    With help from a young monk and a mysterious pirate from France, Rhiannon hatches a dangerous plan to discover the identity of a murderer.
    Hahn, Mary Downing
    Witch Catcher
    Having just moved into the West Virginia home they inherited from a distant relative, 12-year-old Jen is surprised that her father is already dating a local antiques dealer, but more surprised by what the spooky woman really wants.
    HaigHaig, Matt
    Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest
    Although Aunt Eda has told Samuel to avoid the forest at all costs, he's drawn to the forest when he starts to see strange creatures venture past the treeline after dark.
    Otto and the Flying Twins*
    The City of Trees, a magical city, was built in a past age by a people called the Karmidee. When humans begin to inhabit the City of Trees, magic things begin to happen.
    Harrison, Michelle
    13 Treasures
    Bedeviled by evil fairies that only she can see, thirteen-year-old Tanya is sent to stay with her cold and distant grandmother at Elvesden Manor, where she and the caretaker's son solve a disturbing mystery that leads them to the discovery that Tanya's life is in danger.
    HigginsHiggins, F E
    The Black Book of Secrets
    Ludlow Fitch is the assistant to a mysterious pawnbroker who trades people's deepest, darkest secrets for cash. What the pawnbroker does not know is that Ludlow may hold the most troubling secret of them all.
    IbbotsonIbbotson, Eva
    The Secret of Platform 13
    A forgotten door on an abandoned railway platform is the entrance to a magical kingdom--an island where humans live happily with mermaid, ogres, and other wonderful creatures.
    IbbotsonIbbotson, Eva
    Which Witch
    Imagination and humor run rampant as Arriman the Awful, Wizard of the North, tries to choose a bride from among a group of witches.
    JacquesJacques, Brian
    Redwall* and other books
    When the peaceful life of ancient Redwall Abbey is shattered by the arrival of the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes, Matthias, a young mouse, determines to find the legendary sword of Martin the Warrior.
    JanssonJansson, Tove
    Finn Family Moomintroll*
    Relates various adventures of the Finn Family Moomintroll after they awaken from their winter sleep. They live in the forests of Finland and like the sunshine.
    JarvisJarvis, Robin
    The Dark Portal*
    While on a rescue mission, a few daring mice journey below to the sewers to an evil world populated by rats who peel mice before eating them and worship the Dark Lord.
    JonesJones, Dianya Wynne
    Enchanted Glass
    After his grandfather dies, Andrew Hope inherits a house and surrounding land in an English village, but things become very complicated when young orphan Aidan shows up and suddenly a host of variously magical townsfolk and interlopers start intruding on their lives.
    The Pinhoe Egg
    Two powerful young enchanters, Cat, the future Chrestomanci, and Marianne, who is being trained to be Gammer of the Pinhoes, work together as friends to try to end an illegal witches' war and, in the process, right some old wrongs.
    The Hunting of the Last Dragon
    Jude's destiny is revealed - he alone must kill the last dragon, and avenge the destruction of his village. With Jing-wei's help and Lan's ancient knowledge, Jude and Jing-wei set out to destroy the beast, and embark on the perilous journey of what becomes the hunting of the last dragon.
    Juster, Norton
    The Phantom Tollbooth
    Presents a teacher study guide to the novel "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norman Juster, and provides chapter-by-chapter information including a synopsis, reproducible reading activities, vocabulary and comprehension activities, and discussion questions.
    KindlKindl, Patrice
    Goose Chase
    Rather than marry a cruel king or a seemingly dim-witted prince, an enchanted goose girl endures imprisonment, capture by several ogresses, and other dangers before learning exactly who she is.
    LairamoreLairamore, Dawn
    Ivy's Ever After
    Fourteen-year-old Ivy, a most unroyal princess, befriends Elridge, the dragon sent to keep her in a tower, and together they set out on a perilous quest to find Ivy's fairy godmother, who may be able to save both from their dire fates.
    LandyLandy, Derek
    Playing with Fire
    When the evil Baron Vengeous escapes from prison, Detective Skulduggery Pleasant and his apprentice, Valkyrie Cain, have just two days to recapture him or the Baron's creature, the Grotesquery, may summon the Faceless Ones back to their world.
    LandyLandy, Derek
    Skulduggery Pleasant
    When 12-year-old Stephanie inherits her weird uncle's estate, she must join forces with Skulduggery Pleasant, a skeleton mage, to save the world from the Faceless Ones.
    LeGuinLeGuin, Ursula K.
    A Wizard of Earthsea*
    This tale of wizards and dragons is played out in imagined islands. The young boy Sparrowhawk becomes apprentice to a Master Wizard, but impatience to learn takes him far from home to Roke Island, where he enters the School for Wizards.
    LennonLennon, Joan
    Three worlds are in peril, and three heroes, the best of each world must go on aquest to find the Objects of Power to restore the balance. But the three heroesare needed now, 10 years before planned, so three children must save the worlds.
    LevineLevine, Gail Carson
    Ella Enchanted
    Against a bold tapestry of princes, ogres, giants, wicked stepsisters, and fairy godmothers, Ella pursues a quest to rid herself of a curse bestowed on her at birth.
    LewisLewis, C S
    The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe*
    Four English schoolchildren find their way through the back of a wardrobe into the magic land of Narnia and assist Aslan, the golden lion, to triumph over the White Witch, who has cursed the land with eternal winter.
    The Brothers Lionheart
    Two brothers share many adventures after their death when they are reunited in Nangiyala, the land where sagas come from.
    Lisle, Rebecca
    Pursued by enemies of the family she never knew she had, ten-year-old Copper Beach flees to Spindle House, her paternal home, and decides to uncover the truth about a feud between clans that sent her into exile six years earlier.
    The Secret Prince
    Raised by an old warrior in a hidden cave and informed at the age of twelve that he is the long-awaited prince of Kelhadden, Thorn sets off on a quest to find the magical amulet that will enable him to dethrone the evil usurper, Ranulf.
    MacHale, D S
    Curse of the Boggin
    Marcus is battling evil spirits that want him to relinquish the Paradox key, a portal to the Library, a repository of finished and unfinished stories in which supernatural forces create disturbances in the world. Marcus must count on his friends Theo and Lu to help him in this first book of a series.
    MacNeilMacNeil, Stephen
    Woolies and Worms
    When the ship that 11-year-old Sarah and her father are sailing on is attacked by pirates, the girl falls overboard. Clinging to a crate, she washes ashore on an island run by Mr. Grim, a man who kidnaps children and forces them to weave intricate wool rugs. Sarah is quickly captured and put to work with the other "Woolies," youngsters who have known no other life. Before long, she becomes determined to set everyone free.
    MaguireMaguire, Gregory
    Five Alien Elves
    In this Yuletide sequel to SEVEN SPIDERS SPINNING and SIX HAUNTED HAIRDOOS, visitors from the Planet Fixipuddle join the familiar folks of Hamlet in a comic extravaganza that is literally out of this world.
    MahyMahy, Margaret
    Maddigan's Fantasia
    Solis, the only city left, is home to Maddigan's Fantasia, a traveling circus that leaves Solis every year to go on the road. This year they must find a converter for the city's failing power source, but they are attacked along the way.
    McCaughreanMcCaughrean, Geraldine
    Peter Pan in Scarlet
    This first-ever authorized sequel to the original PETER PAN promises readers high adventure, dramatic tension, and all the swashbuckling, danger, and derring-do they can handle.
    McKinleyMcKinley, Robin (Newbery)
    The Hero and the Crown*
    Aerin, with the guidance of the wizard Luthe and the help of the Blue Sword, wins the birthright due her as the daughter of the Damarian king and a witchwoman of the mysterious, demon-haunted North. (Newbery Medal 1985)
    McnishMcnish, Cliff
    The Silver Child (Bk. 1 of Silver Sequence)*
    Drawn to a wasteland of garbage dumps called Coldharbour, six children undergo mysterious transformations and band together to face an unknown enemy.
    MeloyMeloy, Colin
    When her baby brother is kidnapped by crows, seventh-grader Prue McKeel ventures into the forbidden Impassable Wilderness--a dangerous and magical forest in the middle of Portland, Oregon--and soon finds herself involved in a war among the various inhabitants.
    MesserMesser, Stephen
    Hapless Oliver, who lives in the trees in the town of Windblowne, seeks his eccentric great-uncle Gilbert's help in creating a kite for the all-important kite festival, but when Gilbert suddenly disappears, Oliver is guided by one of Gilbert's kites in a quest through different worlds to find him.
    MorrisMorris, Gerald
    The Legend of the King
    Sir Dinadan and his friend Sir Palomides, Sir Gaheris, Sir Terence, and other knights of the Round Table and their associates try to stop Mordred and his White Horsemen from ending King Arthur's rule of Great Britain.
    MyersMyers, Edward
    Jack, a seventeen-year-old storyteller, goes to the royal city seeking his fortune and soon attracts the attention of the grief-stricken king, his beautiful eldest daughter, and his cruel young son, and he attempts to help them--and the entire kingdom--through his stories.
    NeffNeff, Henry H
    The Hound of Rowan (Bk. 1 of The Tapestry)*
    After glimpsing a hint of his destiny in a mysterious tapestry, twelve-year-old Max McDaniels becomes a student at Rowan Academy, where he trains in "mystics and combat" in preparation for war with an ancient enemy that has been kidnapping children like him.
    NorcliffeNorcliffe, James
    The Boy Who Could Fly
    Having grown up in a miserable home for abandoned children, a yooung boy jumps at the chance to exchange places with the mysterious, flying "loblolly boy," but once he takes on this new identity, he discovers what a harsh price he must pay.
    OliverOliver, Lin
    Attack of the Growling Eyeballs*
    When Granny Nanny's goulash brings on a shrinking spell, Daniel Funk discovers an identical twin brother who has always been the size of his fourth left toe. First in a series, this extravaganza is directly aimed at middle-grade boys and is stuffed with jokes involving sweaty shirts, smelly feet, farts, toilets and the trouble with girls.
    PatersonPaterson, John
    The Flint Heart: A Fairy Story. Freely Abridged from Eden Phillipotts's 1910 Fantasy
    A magical amulet brings power and despair to those who touch it.
    PaverPaver, Michelle
    Wolf Brother*
    Torak and his wolf cub guide, set out on a journey to fulfill an oath the boy made to his dying father.
    PrévostPrévost, Guillaume
    The Book of Time (series)
    Fourteen-year-old Sam Faulkner journeys through time in search of his missing father.
    ReeveReeve, Philip
    No Such Thing As Dragons
    A young, mute boy who is apprenticed to a dragon-slayer suspects that the winged beasts do not exist, until he--and his master--learn the truth.
    ReismanReisman, Michael
    Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper
    Nerdy sixth-grader Simon Bloom finds a book that enables him to control the laws of physics, but when two thugs come after him, he needs the formulas in the book to save himself.
    RiordanRiordan, Rick
    The Lightning Thief*
    When Percy Jackson's mom is informed that her son can't seem to control his temper at boarding school, she sends him to Camp Half-Blood on Long Island, where Percy learns that the father he never met is Poseidon, God of the Sea.
    RobertsRoberts, Laura Peyton
    Abducted by leprechauns on her thirteenth birthday, Lilybet Green learns that there is more to her family tree--and to her bond with her late grandmother--than she ever imagined.
    RoddaRodda, Emily
    Rowan of Rin*
    Crackling adventure, a magical map, and a small hero who proves braver than anyone expects make this a fantasy to race through again and again.
    RutkoskiRutkoski, Marie
    The Cabinet of Wonders
    Twelve-year-old Petra, accompanied by her magical tin spider, goes to Prague hoping to retrieve the enchanted eyes the Prince of Bohemia took from her father, and is aided in her quest by a Roma boy and his sister.
    RutkoskiRutkoski, Marie
    The Celestial Globe
    Thirteen-year-old Petra, her tin spider Astrophil, and their Roma friends Neel and Tomik are surprised by revelations about Dee, Kit, and Petra's father as they face Prince Rodolfo of Bohemia, who will do anything to possess a powerful object, the Celestial Globe.
    SageSage, Angie
    The seventh son of the seventh son, aptly named Septimus Heap, is stolen by a midwife on the night he is born. On that same night Septimus' father finds an abandoned baby girl. This enchanting story is the first in a trilogy.
    SchmidtSchmidt, Gary D
    Straw into Gold
    This imaginative story departs from the traditional Rumpelstiltskin tale to explore what might have happened if the queen had not guessed Rumpelstiltskin's name correctly.
    ShermanSherman, Delia
    The Magic Mirror of the Mermaid Queen
    In New York Between, a parallel Manhattan that is home to various creatures of folklore, Neef meets her counterparts at Miss Van Loon's school for human changelings, where Neef learns the basics of diplomacy and soon gets into trouble.
    SkeltonSkelton, Matthew
    The Story of Cirrus Flux
    In 1783 London, the destiny of an orphaned boy and girl becomes intertwined as the boy, Cirrus Flux, is pursued by a sinister woman mesmerist, a tiny man with an all-seeing eye, and a skull-collecting scoundrel, all of whom believe that he possesses an orb containing a divine power.
    SnyderSnyder, Zilpha Keatley
    The Bronze Pen
    With her father's failing health and the family's shaky finances, twelve-year-old Audrey's dreams of becoming a writer seem very impractical until she is given a peculiar bronze pen that appears to have unusual powers.
    SteerSteer, Dugald
    The Dragon's Eye
    Dr. Ernest Drake calls on his two newest students, twelve-year-old Daniel and his sister, Beatrice, to help protect the precious Dragon's Eye jewel from the evil dragonologist Ignatius Crook.
    StevermerStevermer, Caroline
    Magic Below Stairs
    Ten-year-old Frederick, who is surreptitiously watched over by a household elf, is plucked from a London orphanage to be a servant to a wealthy wizard, and eventually his uncanny abilities lead him to become the wizard's apprentice.
    Muddle Earth
    Joe Jefferson was an ordinary schoolboy from Earth. But something strange happened when he was walking his dog, and now he's Joe the Barbarian--fearless warrior-hero, summoned by Muddle Earth's leading wizard.
    Stone, Jeff
    The Five Ancestors (series)
    The Ancestors series features five orphan monks, each named for, and resembling, an animal.
    Dragon's Plunder
    Having been kidnapped by former pirates because of his ability to whistle up the wind, fifteen-year-old Jamie agrees to help their leader, a living corpse, find the dragon of Windrose Island.
    Stroud, Jonathan
    The Amulet of Samarkand*
    Set in modern-day London, this witty, gripping thriller tells the story of Nathaniel, a young magician's apprentice who finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of magical espionage, murder, blackmail, and revolt. (Bartimaeus Trilogy)
    ThesmanThesman, Jean
    Gwenore is only 12 when she escapes from her mother, the evil witch Rhiamon, who hates her daughter and covets the mysterious magical powers symbolized by the birthmark on the girl's wrist. Gwenore travels through medieval England and Wales
    ThompsonThompson, Sarah L
    Dragon's Egg
    Mella and her family live in the shadows of the Dragontooth Mountains. There is lore about the ancient times when fierce, wild dragons roamed the mountains. Now it's the small domesticated dragons that are prized for their eggs living there
    TownleyTownley, Rod
    The Blue Shoe: A Tale of Thievery, Villainy, Sorcery, and Shoes
    A mysterious stranger commissions a single, valuable shoe from a humble cobbler, changing the cobbler's life and the life of his young apprentice forever.
    TrewellardTrewellard, Juliet
    When beautiful Princess Bella is kidnapped by a fearsome dragon, it is left to a clumsy stable boy, accompanied by his dog and pony, to save her.
    UehashiUehashi, Nahoko
    Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
    The wandering warrior Balsa is hired to protect Prince Chagum from both a mysterious monster and the prince's father, the Mikado.
    UrsuUrsu, Anne
    Hazel and Jack are best friends until an accident with a magical mirror and a run-in with a villainous queen find Hazel on her own, entering an enchanted wood in the hopes of saving Jack's life.
    UrsuUrsu, Anne
    The Shadow Thieves (Bk. 1 of The Cronus Chronicles)*
    After her cousin Zee arrives from England, 13-year-old Charlotte and he must set out to save humankind from denizens of the underworld, Nightmares, Death, Pain, and a really nasty guy named Phil.
    Vande Velde
    Now You See It --
    With Wendy's new glasses, she begins to see cheerful corpses, old crones disguised as teeny-boppers, and portals to another world--a place where everyone knows of the glasses' powers and will do anything they can to get them.
    Wagner, Hilary
    The Nightshade Chronicles (series)
    WalshWalsh, Pat
    The Crowfield Curse
    In 1347, when fourteen-year-old orphan William Paynel, an impoverished servant at Crowfield Abbey, goes into the forest to gather wood and finds a magical creature caught in a trap, he discovers he has the ability to see fays and becomes embroiled in a strange mystery involving Old Magic, a bitter feud, and ancient secrets.
    WhartonWharton, Thomas
    The Shadow of Malabron (Bk. 1 of The Perilous Realm)*
    When Will, a rebellious teen, stumbles from the present into the realm where stories come from, he learns he has a mission concerning the evil Malabron and, aided by some of the story folk, he faces a host of perils while seeking the gateless gate that will take him home.
    Sky Carver
    Thomas, a talented wood carver, discovers that he can also do weather magic and undertakes a journey that could lead him to hone that skill and save his village from drought, or perhaps to a completely different destiny.
    Williams, Maya
    The Golden Hour
    Thirteen-year-old Rowan and his eleven-year-old sister Nina, still bereft by the death of their mother the year before, experience an unusual adventure through time when they come to stay with their two eccentric great-aunts in Maine.
    WillinghamWillingham, Bill
    Down the Mysterly River
    Top notch Boy Scout Max "the Wolf" cannot remember how he came to be in a strange forest, but soon he and three talking animals are on the run from the Blue Cutters, hunters who will alter the foursome's very essence if they can catch them.
    WinthropWinthrop, Elizabeth
    The Castle in the Attic*
    A gift of a toy castle, complete with a silver knight, introduces William to an adventure involving magic and a personal quest.
    WinthropWinthrop, Elizabeth
    The Red Hot Rattoons
    After the death of their parents, five young rats decide to leave the barnyard to make a name for themselves in the big city, facing unscrupulous rivals and dangerous humans along the way.
    WomackWomack, Philip
    The Other Book
    Capable of elevating men to heroism or destroying them through malice and evil, The Other Book has laid dormant for four hundrd year, waiting for someone to restore it to its original glory. Edward Pollock lives an ordinary life at his boar
    YepYep, Laurence
    The Tiger's Apprentice
    Tom Lee's life changes forever the day he meets a talking tiger named Mr. Hu. Tom joins Mr. Hu and his cohorts in their fight against those who want to take the special talisman. In the process, Tom learns about his own magical destiny.
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  1. page Graphic Novels edited Graphic Novels Graphic novel here is defined as a full-length story told in paneled, sequential,…
    Graphic Novels
    Graphic novel here is defined as a full-length story told in paneled, sequential, graphic format.
    Grades - K-2
    Bliss, Harry. Luke on the loose. A young boy's fascination with pigeons soon erupts into a full-blown chase around Central Park, across the Brooklyn Bridge, through a fancy restaurant, and into the sky.
    Cammuso, Frank. Otto's orange day. After a genie fulfills Otto the cat's wish by turning the whole world orange, Otto realizes that his favorite color is not the best color for everything.
    Carré, Lilli. Tippy and the night parade. Follow Tippy on a nocturnal adventure through mist, up a mountain, down a hole and back home.
    Coudray, Philippe. Benjamin Bear in Bright ideas! Benjamin Bear, accompanied by his faithful rabbit friend, continues to share his observations and questions about the world around him.
    Davis, Eleanor. Flop to the top! Wanda's plan to make herself famous backfires when her floppy-faced dog starts drawing all the attention.
    Eaton, Maxwell. The flying beaver brothers and the evil penguin plan. Two beavers thwart an evil plot by penguins who plan to turn Beaver Island into a frosty resort.
    French, Renée. Barry's best buddy. Polarhog takes his reluctant best friend on a walk while a surprise is brewing.
    Hatke, Ben. Little robot. When a girl finds a lost robot in the woods, they become fast friends, but is in for an adventure when a much larger, menacing robot comes to retrieve it.
    Hayes, Geoffrey. Benny and Penny in Lost and found! Penny the mouse tries to help her brother Benny find his favorite hat, but Benny warns her that he is in a bad mood.
    Johnson, R. Kikuo. The Shark King : a Toon book. In graphic novel format, retells the Hawaiian story of Nanaue, born of human mother and shark father, who struggles to find his place in a village of humans.
    Liniers. The big wet balloon. Matilda promises her little sister Clemmie an amazing weekend spent playing outside. But the weather's rainy and Clemmie can't bring her new balloon along. Matilda teaches Clemmie all the delights of a wet Saturday.
    Liniers. Written and drawn by Henrietta. When Henrietta's mother gives her a box of colored pencils, she sets out to draw a terrifying and fantastic adventure.
    Naujokaitis, Pranas T. The totally awesome epic quest of the brave boy knight. A young boy and his furry friend, Butterscotch, as brave knights, battle a green monster that is destroying a princess's kingdom, seek a hidden treasure, and patrol the kingdom.
    Smith, Jeff. Little Mouse gets ready : a Toon Book. Little Mouse gets dressed to go to the barn with his mother, brothers, and sisters.
    Spires, Ashley. Binky, license to scratch. Binky the space cat and his team of space pets are unwillingly boarding at the vet's office while their humans are away and plotting a daring escape only to stumble onto a secret alien plot to defeat the human race.
    Sturm, James. Sleepless knight. The Knight and his trusty horse Edward go on a camping trip, but the Knight cannot sleep when he discovers he has left his beloved teddy bear behind.
    Venable, Colleen A. F. Hamster and cheese. Sasspants, a guinea pig, reluctantly agrees to act as a private investigator when Hamisher the hamster begs for her help in discovering who is stealing sandwiches from the pet shop's befuddled owner.
    Grades - 3-5
    Bell, Cece. El deafo. The author recounts in graphic novel format her experiences with hearing loss at a young age, including using a bulky hearing aid, learning how to lip read, and determining her "superpower."
    Burks, James. Bird & Squirrel : on the run! A happy-go-lucky Bird and a cautious acorn-collecting Squirrel become unlikely best friends when Squirrel loses his winter stash while saving Bird from Cat, prompting a zany road-trip adventure in search of warm weather and plentiful food.
    Colossal, Eric. Rutabaga the adventure chef. 1Rutabaga and his magic cooking pot join three young adventurers on a culinary quest to defeat a dragon, discover new ingredients, and identify monsters to invite to, or eat for, dinner.
    Dauvillier, Loïc. Hidden : a child's story of the Holocaust. A grandmother shares the story of her experiences in WWII with her grandchild in this graphic novel for young reader.
    Duffy, Chris. Fairy tale comics : classic tales told by extraordinary cartoonists. Presents seventeen fairy tales, including classics such as "Puss in Boots" and "Little Red Riding Hood" and more obscure tales such as "The Prince and the Tortoise."
    Guibert, Emmanuel. Ariol : just a donkey like you and me. Ariol is an everyday tween donkey with blue glasses who lives in the suburbs with his mom and dad, as well as a host of other animal friends and teachers.
    Harrell, Rob. Monster on the hill. In a fantastical England where each small town has a monster, the people of Stoker-on-Avon have to help their own, a depressed creature named Rayburn, become the monster he was born to be.
    Hatke, Ben. Legends of Zita the spacegirl. Zita is determined to find her way home to Earth, but her exploits have made her an intergalactic megastar, and as her true self is eclipsed by her public persona, she faces a robot doppelganger, and is unsure of who she can trust.
    Holm, Jennifer L. Comics Squad : recess! A collection of comics about every kid's favorite school subject: recess.
    Kibuishi, Kazu. Explorer : the mystery boxes. An anthology of short graphic works by such artists as Kazu Kibuishi, Dave Roman, and Raina Telgemeier, all on the theme of a mysterious box and the marvels, or mayhem, inside.
    Maihack, Mike. Target practice. Mysteriously zapped thousands of years into the future, a teenaged Cleopatra discovers that she is destined to save the galaxy, a prophecy that compels her to enroll in a high-tech school where she can learn modern subjects, alien languages, and combat fighting.
    McCranie, Stephen. The biggest, bestest time ever! Fourth-grade genius Mal and his talking dog Chad shrink themselves to microscopic size and travel through time, but girls and the school bully present bigger challenges.
    Nytra, David. The secret of the stone frog : a Toon graphic novel. Siblings Leah and Alan wake one morning in the middle of an enchanted forest and encounter a strange and spectacular world filled with foppish lions, giant rabbits, and a talking stone frog for a guide.
    O'Connor, George. Zeus : king of the gods. Retells in graphic novel format stories from Greek mythology about the exploits of the young Zeus and how he rallied an army and overthrew his father, Kronos, to become king of the gods.
    Rex, Michael. Fangbone! : third-grade barbarian. In order to protect the Big Toe of Drool, Fangbone the barbarian is sent to an alternate world, where he befriends Bill, a third-grader, and attends elementary school.
    Shiga, Jason. Meanwhile. In this choose-your-own adventure graphic novel, a boy stumbles on the laboratory of a mad scientist who asks him to choose between testing a mind-reading device, a time machine, and a doomsday machine.
    Spiegelman, Nadja. Lost in NYC : a subway adventure. After getting separated from his teacher, his classmates, and his trip partner during an outing to the Empire State Building, Pablo, the new kid in school, learns to navigate the New York City subway system as well as his own feelings towards making new friends and living in a big city.
    Telgemeier, Raina. Sisters. In a semi-autobiographical graphic novel, Raina's disappointing bond with a cranky, independent younger sister is further challenged by the arrival of a baby brother and an estrangement in their parents' marriage.
    Thompson, Craig. Space Dumplins. Violet Marlocke sets out with a group of misfit friends on an outer space mission to save her father who has gone missing during a hazardous job, leading them all into an adventure filled with aliens and spaceships.
    Varon, Sara. Bake sale. Cupcake runs a successful bakery with his best friend, Eggplant, but dreams of going abroad to meet his idol, Turkish Delight, who is the most famous pastry chef in the world.
    Winick, Judd. Hilo: The boy who crashed to Earth. When a mysterious boy falls from the sky, friends D.J. and Gina must discover the secrets of his identity and help him save the world.

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  2. page Children's Books edited ... Fantasy for Grades 4-6 Farm Stories Graphic Novels Great Pics Historical Fiction
    Fantasy for Grades 4-6
    Farm Stories
    Graphic Novels
    Great Pics
    Historical Fiction
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  1. page Adoption Stories for Young Children edited ... Little, Jean. Emma's Yucky Brother. When Emma's family adopts 4-year-old Max, they both need a…
    Little, Jean. Emma's Yucky Brother. When Emma's family adopts 4-year-old Max, they both need a little time to adjust before they become friends.
    Little, Jean. Emma's Strange Pet. Emma's allergic to dogs, so she and her brother get a lizard. Her brother is glad they adopt the lizard, just like they adopted him.
    For children's nonfiction, see the 362.734 section.
    Atinsky, Steve. Trophy kid, or, How I was adopted by the rich and famous. Since his much-publicized adoption at age three by American movie stars, thirteen-year-old Josef's carefully scripted public life has hidden the isolation he feels at home, but writing a book with a ghostwriter reveals much about his adoptive family and the one he lost during the war in Croatia.
    Peacock, Carol Antoinette. Red Thread Sisters. After an American family adopts eleven-year-old Wen from a Chinese orphanage, she vows to find a family for her best friend, too.
    Rodowsky, Colby F. Ben and the sudden too-big! Family. Until now, ten-year-old Ben has believed that life is made up of "all right" and "not all right" stuff, but when his father remarries and the couple adopts a Chinese baby, he wonders which kind of stuff will prevail.
    For children's nonfiction, see the 362.734 section.
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